By M. Kallio


Two weeks ago was a 53rd anniversary of the assassination of democrat president of United States of America, John F. Kennedy.


On April 27, 1961, 7 months before his assassination, Kennedy gave his speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City. This speech has never been taught in schools, nor has it been published in newspapers or broadcasted on TV/radio.


It is a speech where JFK warned us all about the "secret sociaties" which are the true ruling criminal power. Like leaders before him, JFK himself wasn´t untainted and innocent either. He was a desperate amphetamine addict who got badly betrayed, and perhaps for those reasons he turned against his masters.


There isn´t much in common between JFK and soon to be president, republican Donald Trump. Except that Trump has given his Marxist establishment defiant speeches before he got elected, and the fact that this speech (below) will also never be taught in schools, nor it will never be published or broadcasted in mainstream media. Take a moment to listen to both of these speeches and compare them. Find any similarities there?


John F. Kennedy´s speech on April 27, 1961:




Donald Trump´s speech on October 13th, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida, during his presidential campaign:


(By James Semmes)


In terms of relationship with the corporate mainstream media, it is obvious that these men have had very different approaches. Back in ´61, JFK was asking the media its co-operation and help, while Trump is attacking them. Of course over 50 years ago the media wasn´t as totally bias and as tightly controlled and owned by only a few leftist financiers, corporations and intelligence service agencies as it is today.


We can only guess, that if back then the media would have been as centralized  and as bias as today, would JFK have been assassinated? Just remember how many skeletons he had in his closet! Today the global propaganda machine is so powerful, that any rogue politician can be brought down much easier by denigration and smear campaigns. Not forgetting the sad fact that today the leftist globalists own the justice system as well.


You really don´t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, that if Trump gets into the oval office and begins to really walk the walk instead of just talk, the secret establisment behind the curtain will want to stop him. However, him being a smart and well connected business man, I´m afraid Trump will eventually turn out to be just full of talk. He knows too well what he is up against.